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The Association of Surveyors of Papua New Guinea (ASPNG)

List of Surveyors & Contacts

ASPNG Member List - updated 29th January 2021

Registered Surveyors List as of 29th March 2021

PNG Surveyors Board
(Gazetted 1st December 2020) effective 21st January 2021

Chris Manda (Chairman) Surveyor General, DLPP
William David McKibben (Deputy Chairman) ASPNG
Jack Bakus Assistant Surveyor General, DLPP
Damake Murio Highlands Regional Surveyor, DLPP
Masang Bangindo President ASPNG
Gairo Nipulu Waigeno ASPNG

Approved Private Examiners

Gairo Nipulu Waigeno
Nicholas Meros Matui
Paulus Wahinipe Breria
Skerry Nicholas Palanga
William David McKibben
Simon Pope Yambaki
Vaki Vailala
Zerike Duambo

Upcoming Events

ASPNG Congress

Gazelle International Hotel
East New Britain

postponed due to covid-19

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